Five training exercises perfect for winter

Posted: February 28, 2018 by joanne

  Motivation to train can be very hard to come by in the cold, harsh winter months. Hat and gloves are necessities, daylight becomes scarce and that belly becomes one or two inches bigger after indulging in a little too … Continue reading

Winter training like a pro

Posted: October 12, 2017 by joanne

Without all the resources of a Premier League club, mid-winter training can be a real slog. The cold, wet weather can lead to lack of motivation, cold muscles and increased chance of injury. So we’ve put together this list of … Continue reading

Two footballers from rival teams racing towards a ball.

Pre-season: the role of the coach

Posted: July 12, 2017 by genesisv2

In a way, understanding the role of the coach is quite simple. The coach is there to guide a group of players towards their target; whether that is to master a certain playing style, win the league or simply have fun playing football. But … Continue reading

Pre-season: counter-attacking football

Posted: by genesisv2

There’s an idea that football should always be played in a certain attack-minded and eye-catching fashion. It causes snobbery. But, as we’ve mentioned already, there’s no single way to win, as long as you’re putting the ball in the net. Counter-attacking football is … Continue reading

A football team training together on a pitch

Pre-season: individual training

Posted: by genesisv2

The reality of football, whether you’re coaching kids or professionals, is that some players are going to take longer to grasp certain things than others. It’s not  necessarily a question of work ethic either. This’ll likely be most notable with fitness, particularly at lower … Continue reading

Two young footballers playing football

Pre-season: training games

Posted: by genesisv2

Whatever level you’re coaching at, it’s easy to get carried away with the amount of drills and tactical exercises you’re training your players with. Of course, they’re essential parts of any pre-season, but you don’t want to bore your players. Enthusiasm shouldn’t be … Continue reading

A goal keeper looking alert and ready to defend.

Pre-season: shooting and finishing

Posted: by genesisv2

There’s no one way to play a football match in terms of style, but there’s only one way to win one; by scoring goals. It doesn’t matter what level you’re playing at, that’ll never change. So why is it something that’s taken for … Continue reading

Pre-season: possession

Posted: by genesisv2

The concept of possession has been around for decades and it’s certainly thought of fondly by many purists. In recent years possession football has focused on stretching defences in order to open up spaces and exploit opportunities. Yes, keeping possession is important, but having the intelligence … Continue reading

Two teenagers playing football

Pre-season: fitness training

Posted: by genesisv2

Pre-season is, of course, the time of the footballing calendar that coaches put aside to help build up match and base fitness to get players ready for the upcoming season. Although it’s not as simple as getting players to go out for a run, fitness … Continue reading

Pre-season: the importance of pressing

Posted: July 6, 2017 by genesisv2

Arguably the most fashionable defensive tactic in modern football is pressing. It’s a high-intensity approach which involves defenders hassling opponents and putting them under great pressure while they’re in possession. It then becomes a team-wide scheme as everyone buys into it, not just the defenders. … Continue reading