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£10 = 10 points. Every time you spend you earn rewards.

Spend The Points

Redeem your points online at the Rewards Shop.

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Check and redeem your rewards points online.

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It's completely free to join our Rewards Programme.

What are my points worth?

Every £10 you spend
= 10 Rewards Points


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  • + How do we join Club Rewards?

    Your club’s membership starts automatically when you place your first kit order through our website. You don’t need to fill in any forms and you don’t need a membership card.

  • + How long is our rewards membership valid for?

    Your Club Rewards membership will stay valid as long as your Genesis Teamwear account remains open. But if you don’t buy anything through your account for 12 months or more, we may cancel your club’s Club Rewards membership. We’ll always tell you three months before we intend to do this though.

  • + How does my club earn Club Rewards points?

    It’s simple – you earn points for everything you buy through our Kit Manager website, including your first order. You can easily check the number of points you’re accruing, either during your purchase, at the checkout or on your club’s account dashboard.

  • + Can we give Club Rewards points to another club?

    No, there are strictly no transfers. You can only use your points for your club or team.

  • + How do we know how many Club Rewards points we’ve earned?

    Your account dashboard shows how many Club Rewards points your club has earned. Or how many you have left if you’ve already spent some of them.

  • + What can we spend our rewards points on?

    Our online Club Rewards shop showcases everything you can buy using rewards points, and shows how many points you need for each item. You can only spend points on what’s available in the Club Rewards shop. Unfortunately, we can’t accept individual requests for items not included in the Club Rewards shop.

  • + How do we spend our rewards points?

    Once your club’s collected enough points, you can select the item(s) you’d like to order from our Club Rewards shop and follow the simple steps online. If it’s something we hold in stock, we’ll organise delivery.

  • + What happens if we don’t spend our Club Rewards points?

    You may prefer to save up your points so you can spend them on a higher value reward. That’s absolutely fine – you don’t need to use them within a fixed time period. As long as you keep your club’s Genesis Teamwear account active by ordering something through it at least every 12 months, your Club Rewards points will be there for you to use.

  • + How long does the Club Rewards programme run for?

    We haven’t set an end date for this but if we do decide to cancel the Club Rewards programme we will tell you three months before we intend to do this.